Sandbox Mode

If you want to try TranslationHUB to see if it is easy to integrate or works properly with your system, you can do that with our Sandbox mode without paying anything.

In sandbox, every translation order is processed automatically using machine translation without involvement of Human Translators or Editors. So your translation quality will be low but you don't need to pay for the orders you've created in Sandbox.

Sandbox is simply a tool for simulating production behavior, we wait as if it is translated by human translators for several minutes ( 2 to 5 minutes ) and then post it to the defined callback endpoint.

How to use sandbox mode ?

Even though you don't need to pay in sanbox, you still need to create an account. Usage of sandbox is almost same with our production api. The main difference is you use a different subdomain in your api calls. Sandbox endpoints start with, where is product api starts with So please be sure that you are using "sandbox" subdomain in your api calls, especially if you have credit on your account.